Sunday, January 25, 2009


alritee i feel like i need 2 shed some light on this.
is our future really all about juicy couture, moncler jackets nd tht haitian ass club djumbala?
jus too name a few.
r yu 'poppin' cus yu have madd pics by 7days7nights?
y is everybody tryna be the most 'poppin' person in brooklyn?
y everywhere i turn there's another dude tryna be a dj? chances are your not qonna become a professional dj..some ppl have a passion for actin nd singin..cud yu have a passion for dj'in? pressin the play button? thts wht yu do..yu press the play button all fckin day! smh.
y is every qirl tryna be the 'baddest bitch'? more than likely yu don't even come close.
y is every dude tryna be odee fly? wearing louie gucci burberry polo etc all tht shit at the same timee.
why are you so fly?
wht are you tryna prove?
thinkin yu qon bag yu a qood qirl but nooooo yu will be baggin a $golddigger$ cus when they see the gucci hat they will be flockin like the birds tht they are
i feel a way!

Friday, January 23, 2009


HAiTiAN V is the MANNNNNN!! he is jus too too too funny; i swear i nearly blew a kidney watchin these &nd i know his cousinnnn lOl small ass world..he qot mad vids but these are my absolute favorites..WATCH!! && enjoy =)





Usually I'm the one that's in control
I meet em', freak em', leave em'
Move on to the next man, he ain't my man
I must admit I like to have some fun I be in love for like a minute then I'm on the run
Until the day that he caught my eyes I knew I didn't wanna play him like them other guys

When he looked in my I eyes I knew something was different,
He wasn't no beginner I could tell I couldn't win
I shoulda walked away, don't know what made me stay
I know I played this game I'm probably gonna pay

So I decided I would try because I couldn't fight it
I would do it so good I'd have em' making me pancakes in the morning
And so I tried to beat em' I mean I went in
buh he pulled the switch and it was me making pancakes in the morning

U are my kryptonite u take my powers away
And if I spend the night you'll probably drive me insane
he was suppose to be a one night stand
`*jazmine sullivan

yuh diq wah mi ah say?

veryyyy interesting start to my friday.
definitely left my crib at like 1 sumthing this mornin..the details to tht i will leave a mystery but lets just say it was very well worth it if you catch my drift ;-) bxtches was dead! breathless! ahhhhh i love my life.
sidebar;; my license was in the car smh lOl *NEVER DRiVE HiGH*

random thouqht: youuu knooo i dnt appreciate nxqqas judging my lifestyle. who the hell are you???

i like to drink! && bun di occassional spliff! whts wrong wif tht??
di more yuh accept herb is di more yuh accept rastafari; yuh diq wah mi ah say? lOl
HERB is a planttttt!! [mr. BOB MARLEY himself] yuhhh zimmeeeee
random joke;; curry koolie: weed supports me in ways tht a man cant. this is what i do! lmfaO

deadass tho dnt knock it till you've tried it..bxtches be on clouds on top of clouds

its beautiful.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

what the hell man

terrorists are gonna come to my house :-(
WHERE THE FCK IS MY LICENSE?!?!? its not in the car, its not in my pocket DAMN why didn't i just take my wallet? im mad. anywayz welcome to my world. :-p

check out this BADGiRL!