Wednesday, February 11, 2009

day wif some S.T.A.R. kids;;

hadd madddd fun chillin wif my starbox sista n3wni3 ; my love sh3-man {only i can call ha tht} nd the one && only fabb loso incase you aint kno so. took a trip all the way out to west bubble fuck to some job interview. nxggas had no idea wht to expect but sh3-man was tryna scare nxggas talkin bout its a cult lmaoo;; nd we gon end up on saw 6.
poor gary we had left him :-/ oh well..we was deadass downtown already nd he still in the crib wtf. but them ppl go hard! long ass group interview had bxtches real restless, yu hear me. all of us got hired on the spot! except sh3-man she was left out for some hrs lmaoo..but got the call when she reached the crib. we was too hype! but im havin second thoughts. its too good to be true, flexible ass hrs, &nd payin 14.50/hr !!! bxtch wassupppppp!! but yeah there's a catch, nxggas want you to sell knives lmfao.
who the fck want knives in a recession?
ppl still qon pay you for doing nothing, even if you dont sell?
my mother was making alot of sense i aint gon front. .but 14.50 is enuff to get some broke black kids out they crib on a dritty ass day. but anyways we was dead tired &nd wild hungry! went in on mickie d's, not playin no games!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


sup son?! i been on a roll bloggin o04 days in a row now.
but yeahh im sittin here watchin the grammys nd shxt, lookin forward to this "swagga like us" performance thats suppose to be overly poppin. [can't believe i just said tht] not too much is on my mind. i need to start doing some math hw, on some G shxt smh. && i need to get tht english hw poppin. but who cares about tht shxt. .
valentines day is coming up. ewwwwww. i personally dnt care too much for this shxt. ya'll kno im mad anti-relationship, but thts not why. matta fact i really dnt kno why buts its gay. i think any type of odee affection is the gayest shxt on the planet. all lovey dovey ugh get a life. &nd v-day is full of tht shxt; i can't tek it. i remember v-day my junior year in h.s. i deadass cried like a lil bitch lmfaO; why i did that? i think i was lonely, and all them damn couples was jus making me mad. mind you, none of them are together now. well go figure, nxqqas in college now nd shxt but still. wht relationship you kno actually last these days?..dnt worry i'll wait..
Valentines..another dreadful day that love struck bastards buy their partners fake flowers to express bullshit they love!!
lmao smh. jus a lil something me &nd my son chey_br33zie made up odee long ago, in ha basement nd shxt. check ha out on

on a lighter note..i hrd chris brown beat rihanna ass. lmfaO thts not rite. my son is under investigation nd shit, rihanna qotta black eye poor tinq. she prolly fell down the stairs or some shxt nd hit a bat. its all a set up! && i hrd soulja nd bow wow made up over the phone. awwwww lil bxtches. who cares.

he wants a blog. feen bean.
this is mark. suttin like a best friend i guess. well he a lil more than tht. been thru alot wif the kidd. i cud write a book the size of harry potter [thick ass books] about our trials nd tribulations. he been stalkin me since we were 3. lol deadass tho; i dnt like him, but i ♥ him. an overall good guy. alot of the time he's a jackass tho. his nose is madd wild. lmfaO tryna blame it on nikko {childhood homie} talkin bout he kicked him in the nose; sureeee. damn son i shud've took advantage of nikko when i had the chance. last time i seen him he was lookin rite. owwwww. mark gonna feel a way about tht one but thts his business.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

hip hop beef;;

this ridiculous beef shxt was alll over; i had too say something!
iono too much about it but as far as i understand, rick came at 50 cent && his baby moms kufi nd 50 got sensitive about it like a lil bitch. {thts wht i hrd} i hrd some otha shxt bout dj khaled, nd 50 gave ross a look but whatever the case mayb; why 50 go sooo hard?? always tryna end somebody career. otha nxqqas cant get they shine on too? otha than bein like the 2nd richest in the world or some shxt under Oprah he's trash. he got some hits, 'i get money' was my shxt but its a problem when your always the center of some bullshxt soap opera hip hop beef tht nobody cares about. NOBODY CARES!! [except mark]

&& rick ross, jus admit it my G. everyone knows now. nobody cares tht you were a correctional officer. nxqqas sayin how he a fraud cus he be runnin round talkin bout he the biggest drug dealer in miami, i wudnt kno i live BROOKLYN {we go hard} but if thts how you got your hustle on then hey whatever. NOBODY CARES!!
&& rick ross baby moms, this bitch so dumb. gettin paid off by 50 to come at ha baby father kufi. thts not rite. play she coming out wif a book tht no1 is qonna read, nxqqas dnt care bout rick ross life like tht; definitely dnt care bout yurs so where are you going wif this? thinkin she poppin cus 50 buyin ha fur coats nd shit, bxtch dnt even got a car lmao wtf. i feel a way.

now these idiots. didnt they just make a song together? as far as i understand about this one is; bow wow came at soulja boy bout some Lamborghini nd soulja like "well ya shxt rented" nd bow wow went off. lol thts it. bow wow cocky ass came at his kufi tho, like he went in i was surprised. but im sayin tho this is beyond dumb. i dnt doubt tht either one of them bought the car, wth they both making bread but who cares??
soulja boy; who are you? where did you come from? yeah you got some hits, songs is catchy but it dnt make no damn sense. in the 'she got a donk' video i was expectin to see some fat asses. where were the fat asses? wtf was tht dance? huhhh
bow wow; you was never the type. whats goin on? why so cocky? are we feelin insecure about some things? i never understood the hype. like ever. but whatever floats your boat i guess.

this is off topic but. . .

my son B.O.B aka BOB. i like this song, but why he sound soo much like Andre 3000? there can only be one so i suggest tht we switch up the style.yuh zimme.

Friday, February 6, 2009

AM blahzy blah;;

wait;; its friday, no skool; && im up at 9:45 {well earlier but thts current time}
wasss good; wats goin on to today? was pose to chill wif someone today but seems like both our parents are stalkers nd never wanna leave the friggin crib..uqh bacc at square 1..i promised tht i wud give it up wild krazy in djumbala tomorrow for my fave goontun3 R33MT3AM first bashment but ionoo bout all tht now..bxtches dnt got no ride, definitely aint fckin wif no cab [unless you payin], nothing to wear! wtf where i think im goin; wif no damn clothes. i been on my skool grind nothing but AE, AERO, shittt OLD fckin NAVY sweats on deck! i like to be comfortable when im sitting in class texxin :-p , hair not did; oh god he's gonna hate me. . :-/ im the best promoter he ever had tho!

mite as well keep it movin. waitin for mom dukes to bring dem frosted flakes home; i seen SHE-MAN lolll [&& it was wednesday yu forgetful bxtch] goin to ha babie daddy house owww yu go girl. ohh yeahhh,
me.: imma pop out a kid pretti soon cus yu kno the world gonna end in 2012
mom.: where you gon live?
me.: upstairs in my room
mom.: shut the fuck up stupid ass lil girl
me.: huhhh smh
my mother has issues..madd bipolar for no reason..i'll never forget the time coming out the gas station and somehow she ended up drivin on the sidewalk lol soo i go. .
me.: so we drive on sidewalks now lol okay
mom.: stfu yu cunt!
yep. i was mad hurt. i've been called worse but damn son smh, its kinda like my way of life; i wake up too "dnt you got skool bxtch" loll some wild shxt like tht. cudn't live w/o ha tho.
did yall kno there's {o02} friday the 13ths this year??
i feel a way!
...smh my mother jus call talkin bout come help ha wif the groceries; the hell! ; catch yall on the flip side.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

bacc wif the jumpoff;;

BRICK ASS && titties outside; damn son.
skool in session and its pretti blahzy blah..sociology professor madd trini..english professor madd old..math professor madd russiann;;
but anywho couple of things on the membrane
"if you can't get over someone that means your meant to be"
mhmmmm i disagree.
jus cus you can't get over me, doesn't mean i can't get over your ass. im jus sayinn
soo i find this journal/diary thing i use to keep wen i was like 15/16 nd its pgs nd pgs of sob stories..yu kno like how confused i am about my "relationship" nd omg im so in love nd im sittin there like wtf was i thinking? even tho tht boy is still around now but i was deadass? my my my how the tables do turn; which brings me to my nexx point
3. i love being single! i like sex & i hate relationships. this is a potential problem. but thts a different story;;
i never liked the idea of havin to answer to someone
i hate being clocked. where yu at? what yu doin? who yu wif?
every friqqin minute
im a way. im never jus gonna buy yu shit, just because. why wud i do tht?

i refuse to be part of a detrimental relationship. it is a waste of time. relationships nowadays is just like this overgrown companionship. if yur not AiMin yur texxin not texxin yur on the phone not on the phone your together..OMG! i get bored easy, so eventually just hearing your name will annoy me. i enjoy the chase; && if thts over when i get you, i dnt want you. the chase must go on! even within a relationship, it can be done! && do we have to put a name on these things? why can't it jus be like i only fck wif yu, yu only fck wif me cus we choose to; iono some shit like tht. from experience &nd what i've observed, its like the moment you call it a 'relationship' and all this im your girl;your my man &nd everyone must kno tht business goes on shxt hits a brick wall. im jus sayinn but even wif tht method of 'dating' or whatever the issue of cheatin
g is sensitive. some may be like "well we not in a relationship so i can do whatever the fck i want" [like myself] then others will be like "wht the hell i thought we were exclusive tho";; my solution to this is IDK. ya damn'd if ya do damn'd if you don't.
lifes tuff, get a hemlet.

how long has this been out?? i jus jus jus saw this..its cute; she looks cute; i can dig it lol.yep.
Lions, Tigers & Bears - Jazmine Sullivan

Sunday, January 25, 2009


alritee i feel like i need 2 shed some light on this.
is our future really all about juicy couture, moncler jackets nd tht haitian ass club djumbala?
jus too name a few.
r yu 'poppin' cus yu have madd pics by 7days7nights?
y is everybody tryna be the most 'poppin' person in brooklyn?
y everywhere i turn there's another dude tryna be a dj? chances are your not qonna become a professional dj..some ppl have a passion for actin nd singin..cud yu have a passion for dj'in? pressin the play button? thts wht yu do..yu press the play button all fckin day! smh.
y is every qirl tryna be the 'baddest bitch'? more than likely yu don't even come close.
y is every dude tryna be odee fly? wearing louie gucci burberry polo etc all tht shit at the same timee.
why are you so fly?
wht are you tryna prove?
thinkin yu qon bag yu a qood qirl but nooooo yu will be baggin a $golddigger$ cus when they see the gucci hat they will be flockin like the birds tht they are
i feel a way!

Friday, January 23, 2009


HAiTiAN V is the MANNNNNN!! he is jus too too too funny; i swear i nearly blew a kidney watchin these &nd i know his cousinnnn lOl small ass world..he qot mad vids but these are my absolute favorites..WATCH!! && enjoy =)