Sunday, January 25, 2009


alritee i feel like i need 2 shed some light on this.
is our future really all about juicy couture, moncler jackets nd tht haitian ass club djumbala?
jus too name a few.
r yu 'poppin' cus yu have madd pics by 7days7nights?
y is everybody tryna be the most 'poppin' person in brooklyn?
y everywhere i turn there's another dude tryna be a dj? chances are your not qonna become a professional dj..some ppl have a passion for actin nd singin..cud yu have a passion for dj'in? pressin the play button? thts wht yu do..yu press the play button all fckin day! smh.
y is every qirl tryna be the 'baddest bitch'? more than likely yu don't even come close.
y is every dude tryna be odee fly? wearing louie gucci burberry polo etc all tht shit at the same timee.
why are you so fly?
wht are you tryna prove?
thinkin yu qon bag yu a qood qirl but nooooo yu will be baggin a $golddigger$ cus when they see the gucci hat they will be flockin like the birds tht they are
i feel a way!


  1. lmaooooooooo sisi yu speak the truth.. niggahs jus follow the wave.. no individuality

  2. can you preach? say it again? please preach?

    "And that haitian ass club Djumbala"

    Lmaoooo All i could think is
    That shit was so brooklyn!