Friday, January 23, 2009

yuh diq wah mi ah say?

veryyyy interesting start to my friday.
definitely left my crib at like 1 sumthing this mornin..the details to tht i will leave a mystery but lets just say it was very well worth it if you catch my drift ;-) bxtches was dead! breathless! ahhhhh i love my life.
sidebar;; my license was in the car smh lOl *NEVER DRiVE HiGH*

random thouqht: youuu knooo i dnt appreciate nxqqas judging my lifestyle. who the hell are you???

i like to drink! && bun di occassional spliff! whts wrong wif tht??
di more yuh accept herb is di more yuh accept rastafari; yuh diq wah mi ah say? lOl
HERB is a planttttt!! [mr. BOB MARLEY himself] yuhhh zimmeeeee
random joke;; curry koolie: weed supports me in ways tht a man cant. this is what i do! lmfaO

deadass tho dnt knock it till you've tried it..bxtches be on clouds on top of clouds

its beautiful.

1 comment:

  1. bitch weed is bad 4 yu!!!
    smh.. had ya daddy dick baq i c