Friday, January 23, 2009


Usually I'm the one that's in control
I meet em', freak em', leave em'
Move on to the next man, he ain't my man
I must admit I like to have some fun I be in love for like a minute then I'm on the run
Until the day that he caught my eyes I knew I didn't wanna play him like them other guys

When he looked in my I eyes I knew something was different,
He wasn't no beginner I could tell I couldn't win
I shoulda walked away, don't know what made me stay
I know I played this game I'm probably gonna pay

So I decided I would try because I couldn't fight it
I would do it so good I'd have em' making me pancakes in the morning
And so I tried to beat em' I mean I went in
buh he pulled the switch and it was me making pancakes in the morning

U are my kryptonite u take my powers away
And if I spend the night you'll probably drive me insane
he was suppose to be a one night stand
`*jazmine sullivan

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