Thursday, February 5, 2009

bacc wif the jumpoff;;

BRICK ASS && titties outside; damn son.
skool in session and its pretti blahzy blah..sociology professor madd trini..english professor madd old..math professor madd russiann;;
but anywho couple of things on the membrane
"if you can't get over someone that means your meant to be"
mhmmmm i disagree.
jus cus you can't get over me, doesn't mean i can't get over your ass. im jus sayinn
soo i find this journal/diary thing i use to keep wen i was like 15/16 nd its pgs nd pgs of sob stories..yu kno like how confused i am about my "relationship" nd omg im so in love nd im sittin there like wtf was i thinking? even tho tht boy is still around now but i was deadass? my my my how the tables do turn; which brings me to my nexx point
3. i love being single! i like sex & i hate relationships. this is a potential problem. but thts a different story;;
i never liked the idea of havin to answer to someone
i hate being clocked. where yu at? what yu doin? who yu wif?
every friqqin minute
im a way. im never jus gonna buy yu shit, just because. why wud i do tht?

i refuse to be part of a detrimental relationship. it is a waste of time. relationships nowadays is just like this overgrown companionship. if yur not AiMin yur texxin not texxin yur on the phone not on the phone your together..OMG! i get bored easy, so eventually just hearing your name will annoy me. i enjoy the chase; && if thts over when i get you, i dnt want you. the chase must go on! even within a relationship, it can be done! && do we have to put a name on these things? why can't it jus be like i only fck wif yu, yu only fck wif me cus we choose to; iono some shit like tht. from experience &nd what i've observed, its like the moment you call it a 'relationship' and all this im your girl;your my man &nd everyone must kno tht business goes on shxt hits a brick wall. im jus sayinn but even wif tht method of 'dating' or whatever the issue of cheatin
g is sensitive. some may be like "well we not in a relationship so i can do whatever the fck i want" [like myself] then others will be like "wht the hell i thought we were exclusive tho";; my solution to this is IDK. ya damn'd if ya do damn'd if you don't.
lifes tuff, get a hemlet.

how long has this been out?? i jus jus jus saw this..its cute; she looks cute; i can dig it lol.yep.
Lions, Tigers & Bears - Jazmine Sullivan

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  1. awww sisi bitch thats y i love yu!!!
    i so dig the blogg mami
    && yu kinda late on the video but yu made it up wif the good as literature that was above =]