Sunday, February 8, 2009


sup son?! i been on a roll bloggin o04 days in a row now.
but yeahh im sittin here watchin the grammys nd shxt, lookin forward to this "swagga like us" performance thats suppose to be overly poppin. [can't believe i just said tht] not too much is on my mind. i need to start doing some math hw, on some G shxt smh. && i need to get tht english hw poppin. but who cares about tht shxt. .
valentines day is coming up. ewwwwww. i personally dnt care too much for this shxt. ya'll kno im mad anti-relationship, but thts not why. matta fact i really dnt kno why buts its gay. i think any type of odee affection is the gayest shxt on the planet. all lovey dovey ugh get a life. &nd v-day is full of tht shxt; i can't tek it. i remember v-day my junior year in h.s. i deadass cried like a lil bitch lmfaO; why i did that? i think i was lonely, and all them damn couples was jus making me mad. mind you, none of them are together now. well go figure, nxqqas in college now nd shxt but still. wht relationship you kno actually last these days?..dnt worry i'll wait..
Valentines..another dreadful day that love struck bastards buy their partners fake flowers to express bullshit they love!!
lmao smh. jus a lil something me &nd my son chey_br33zie made up odee long ago, in ha basement nd shxt. check ha out on

on a lighter note..i hrd chris brown beat rihanna ass. lmfaO thts not rite. my son is under investigation nd shit, rihanna qotta black eye poor tinq. she prolly fell down the stairs or some shxt nd hit a bat. its all a set up! && i hrd soulja nd bow wow made up over the phone. awwwww lil bxtches. who cares.

he wants a blog. feen bean.
this is mark. suttin like a best friend i guess. well he a lil more than tht. been thru alot wif the kidd. i cud write a book the size of harry potter [thick ass books] about our trials nd tribulations. he been stalkin me since we were 3. lol deadass tho; i dnt like him, but i ♥ him. an overall good guy. alot of the time he's a jackass tho. his nose is madd wild. lmfaO tryna blame it on nikko {childhood homie} talkin bout he kicked him in the nose; sureeee. damn son i shud've took advantage of nikko when i had the chance. last time i seen him he was lookin rite. owwwww. mark gonna feel a way about tht one but thts his business.


  1. Dont worry I'll wait *Dead*

    Fr. Its pimpin, pimpin.

    And yeah valentines day is ight. I mean i dont mind it i just dont want nobody to buy me shit again this year because im not smiling and pretending i got a gift and rushing to the store to get one...Nuhh Unnnn

  2. bitch she didnt get beat dat bad... listen 2 ya rumors?!!.. lol at the valentine shit