Friday, February 6, 2009

AM blahzy blah;;

wait;; its friday, no skool; && im up at 9:45 {well earlier but thts current time}
wasss good; wats goin on to today? was pose to chill wif someone today but seems like both our parents are stalkers nd never wanna leave the friggin crib..uqh bacc at square 1..i promised tht i wud give it up wild krazy in djumbala tomorrow for my fave goontun3 R33MT3AM first bashment but ionoo bout all tht now..bxtches dnt got no ride, definitely aint fckin wif no cab [unless you payin], nothing to wear! wtf where i think im goin; wif no damn clothes. i been on my skool grind nothing but AE, AERO, shittt OLD fckin NAVY sweats on deck! i like to be comfortable when im sitting in class texxin :-p , hair not did; oh god he's gonna hate me. . :-/ im the best promoter he ever had tho!

mite as well keep it movin. waitin for mom dukes to bring dem frosted flakes home; i seen SHE-MAN lolll [&& it was wednesday yu forgetful bxtch] goin to ha babie daddy house owww yu go girl. ohh yeahhh,
me.: imma pop out a kid pretti soon cus yu kno the world gonna end in 2012
mom.: where you gon live?
me.: upstairs in my room
mom.: shut the fuck up stupid ass lil girl
me.: huhhh smh
my mother has issues..madd bipolar for no reason..i'll never forget the time coming out the gas station and somehow she ended up drivin on the sidewalk lol soo i go. .
me.: so we drive on sidewalks now lol okay
mom.: stfu yu cunt!
yep. i was mad hurt. i've been called worse but damn son smh, its kinda like my way of life; i wake up too "dnt you got skool bxtch" loll some wild shxt like tht. cudn't live w/o ha tho.
did yall kno there's {o02} friday the 13ths this year??
i feel a way!
...smh my mother jus call talkin bout come help ha wif the groceries; the hell! ; catch yall on the flip side.


  1. lmaoo bitch i didnt memba!!
    i love mommy.. she's poppin!!
    a str8 G out here =]

  2. Lmao wow.
    My mother know she gonna get called something back if she start callin me shit!