Saturday, February 7, 2009

hip hop beef;;

this ridiculous beef shxt was alll over; i had too say something!
iono too much about it but as far as i understand, rick came at 50 cent && his baby moms kufi nd 50 got sensitive about it like a lil bitch. {thts wht i hrd} i hrd some otha shxt bout dj khaled, nd 50 gave ross a look but whatever the case mayb; why 50 go sooo hard?? always tryna end somebody career. otha nxqqas cant get they shine on too? otha than bein like the 2nd richest in the world or some shxt under Oprah he's trash. he got some hits, 'i get money' was my shxt but its a problem when your always the center of some bullshxt soap opera hip hop beef tht nobody cares about. NOBODY CARES!! [except mark]

&& rick ross, jus admit it my G. everyone knows now. nobody cares tht you were a correctional officer. nxqqas sayin how he a fraud cus he be runnin round talkin bout he the biggest drug dealer in miami, i wudnt kno i live BROOKLYN {we go hard} but if thts how you got your hustle on then hey whatever. NOBODY CARES!!
&& rick ross baby moms, this bitch so dumb. gettin paid off by 50 to come at ha baby father kufi. thts not rite. play she coming out wif a book tht no1 is qonna read, nxqqas dnt care bout rick ross life like tht; definitely dnt care bout yurs so where are you going wif this? thinkin she poppin cus 50 buyin ha fur coats nd shit, bxtch dnt even got a car lmao wtf. i feel a way.

now these idiots. didnt they just make a song together? as far as i understand about this one is; bow wow came at soulja boy bout some Lamborghini nd soulja like "well ya shxt rented" nd bow wow went off. lol thts it. bow wow cocky ass came at his kufi tho, like he went in i was surprised. but im sayin tho this is beyond dumb. i dnt doubt tht either one of them bought the car, wth they both making bread but who cares??
soulja boy; who are you? where did you come from? yeah you got some hits, songs is catchy but it dnt make no damn sense. in the 'she got a donk' video i was expectin to see some fat asses. where were the fat asses? wtf was tht dance? huhhh
bow wow; you was never the type. whats goin on? why so cocky? are we feelin insecure about some things? i never understood the hype. like ever. but whatever floats your boat i guess.

this is off topic but. . .

my son B.O.B aka BOB. i like this song, but why he sound soo much like Andre 3000? there can only be one so i suggest tht we switch up the style.yuh zimme.

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