Wednesday, February 11, 2009

day wif some S.T.A.R. kids;;

hadd madddd fun chillin wif my starbox sista n3wni3 ; my love sh3-man {only i can call ha tht} nd the one && only fabb loso incase you aint kno so. took a trip all the way out to west bubble fuck to some job interview. nxggas had no idea wht to expect but sh3-man was tryna scare nxggas talkin bout its a cult lmaoo;; nd we gon end up on saw 6.
poor gary we had left him :-/ oh well..we was deadass downtown already nd he still in the crib wtf. but them ppl go hard! long ass group interview had bxtches real restless, yu hear me. all of us got hired on the spot! except sh3-man she was left out for some hrs lmaoo..but got the call when she reached the crib. we was too hype! but im havin second thoughts. its too good to be true, flexible ass hrs, &nd payin 14.50/hr !!! bxtch wassupppppp!! but yeah there's a catch, nxggas want you to sell knives lmfao.
who the fck want knives in a recession?
ppl still qon pay you for doing nothing, even if you dont sell?
my mother was making alot of sense i aint gon front. .but 14.50 is enuff to get some broke black kids out they crib on a dritty ass day. but anyways we was dead tired &nd wild hungry! went in on mickie d's, not playin no games!

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